Election 07: What do PR people think?

If you’re working in PR, an election can mean a shower of extra work- if you can persuade a politician or political party that you have a particular insight.

Bear this in mind when you throw your eye over “It’s the economy stupid”, a post from PR firm Edelman (they of the questionable PR).

The article begins by telling us that the economy has been taken for granted by the electorate. But it ends by telling us that the economy may be the issue the electorate decides to vote on. How come?

It cites focus group information for its first assertion. It cites no evidence for its second. It only warns that focus group info can go stale quickly. Or, for those of us not paying attention at the back, that we need to hire PR firms more frequently to hold focus groups or we might not get re/elected.

An insider blog on the PR of politics would be an interesting addition to the range of views available. But it would have to go beyond just self-service to be reliable as a source of info.

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  • Brilliant P.R. Nobody ever mentions (almost everybody who knows, forgets) that Enda Kenny and the Fine Gael Party support the M3 motorway through the tara Valley, 100 per cent.

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