Brian Boyd reads the NY Times

A flash of Paper Round style genius from Kevin Breathnach of the Disillusioned Lefties as he compares and contrasts The Irish Times article on the death of fancy-dan theorist Jean Baudrillard to the one printed in the NY Times.

It seems Brian Boyd from the Times (Irish) has a writing style similar to that of Patricia Cohen of the Times (NY).

This post was influenced by Bloggorah and Disillusioned Lefty. And brought to you by the Number 5.

Now sshh. I’m not even here.

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  • Blurred Keys says:

    Irish Times, Boyd responds to blogger’s claims…

    The Irish Times and journalist Brian Boyd have replied to an Irish blogger’s claim of plagiarism. Similarities between an obituary of Jean Baudrillard published in the Irish Times to another published days earlier in the New York Times were investiga…

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