Tuppenceworth 2.0

Some time ago, Eoghan McCabe ran a little competition to drive up his rss subscribers. I didn’t win, but was granted an unexpected consolation prize. He’d had a look around Tuppenceworth (the real, main Tuppenceworth.ie site) and had liked what he’d seen.

So we had a meeting for pasta and tea during the week. I enthused about Tuppenceworth. He nodded in the slightly overwhelmed manner people use when they’re first exposed to my enthusiasm. We briefly discussed why it might be a good idea to really really pay attention to contracts. And then we agreed that Eoghan would send me some reference links to various site designs.

I asked him why he’d been interested in Tuppenceworth to start with and he said that it was clear that it was something made with love and that’s what a good designer wants to work on. Anyone who thinks like that is someone I’ll trust.

Exciting times ahead. The end should be a rebirth of something I’m very proud of, but have been unable to give the attention it needed in its current form.


  • EWI says:

    So long as there’s none of those fracking “Twidiot” boxes at the side, it’s welcome and overdue 😉

  • Garreth says:

    I’ve felt for some time that your tuppenceworth.ie site could do with a design makeover and welcome whatever techno-financial help Mr. McCabe may be able to swing in your direction. What you have done is indeed a labour of love, but a sustained longterm ezine needs more than that. It needs financial security (cash flow, usually through advertising) and group effort (with yourself as
    Editor-in-Chief of course). Anything depending on 90 percent input from one individual is depending on the natural whims of a heartbeat. Look at the suspension of Sinead Gleeson’s well designed Sigla Blog, and the even livelier designed Siglamag that she had to discontinue through sheer exhaustion. In fact, your magazine hasn’t been functioning as a magazine for some time – due to time constraints and exhaustion no doubt – and this proves my point about the desirability of group effort. There don’t seem to be any Irish ezines at the moment, which is a pity. Good luck with your continuing efforts.

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