The Irish Times Property Supplement: Not just advertising, but knowingly false advertising

Richard Delevan highlights a story from the Sunday Business Post yesterday- Estate Agents accused of supplying false sales prices

It reports that the Irish Time’s Property Editor, Orna Mulcahy, wrote to Estate Agents who were suppling her with sale prices when the numbers being given were be sufficiently fantastic to embaress her journalistic mores.

It is the Irish Times who have been left looking rather foolish.

As Ms. Mulcahy put it herself on Morning Ireland today.

I’ve written about this before, and will be coming back to this later this week.


  • Adam says:

    There are plenty of tricks alright – another great line coming from estate agents is that interest from buyers is not dropping because ‘enquiries have been up X% year on year’.

    Of course, they fail to mention that that could be because they’ve listed more and more of their properties as ‘POA’ and they fail to clarify how many of these enquiries actually turn into sales.

  • Simon McGarr says:

    Estate agents are who they are. They owe no allegiance to the public good. Newspapers, on the other hand, benefit from special treatment on the basis of their contribution of facts and insight to the public debate.

    It is the Irish Times which has questions to answer in this matter, not the Estate Agents.

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