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Daily Irish Mail, Saturday 11th November

Daily Irish Mail v 4 Originally uploaded by Editor_Tupp. The Raw Notes on this paper are now available on the wiki. This represents the full paper, as opposed to the Irish Times graph below, which only covers the Home News pages for Friday.

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The Paper Round: Stories so Far

After a very pleasant, though surprisingly wearing, trawl through yesterday's papers it was agreed by all those present to meet again the following day in the same spot (Westin Mezzanine, or Atrium as styled by some) at 2pm. So if you're in town pop in and prepare to be handed a Sunday supplement to ponder.

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Invite: Join the Paper Round

I hope I might be able to interest you in an idea I've had floating around my head for a while. Just as a once off, I'd like to recruit bloggers (and non-bloggers too) to read the papers over one weekend. Specifically, over next weekend.

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