The Paper Round: Stories so Far

After a very pleasant, though surprisingly wearing, trawl through yesterday’s papers it was agreed by all those present to meet again the following day in the same spot (Westin Mezzanine, or Atrium as styled by some) at 2pm.

So if you’re in town pop in and prepare to be handed a Sunday supplement to ponder. Or, if yesterday’s proceedings were anything to go by, to tear through with a biro alternating between marking stories PR and AD.

Thoughts on a work in progress:
Matters are worse than I expected.

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  • […] Yesterday’s paper round was a very pleasant, sociable affair, apart from the actual reading of the newspapers, over the course of which developed the catchphrase “mickey pills!” to describe a multitude. So not an entirely wasted day. The paper round involved, as Simon notes at Tuppenceworth, trawling through page after page of press releases and adverstising (the biggest “advertorial” coups on Friday were by Dundrum Shopping Centre and Graham “Nokia” Knuttle and his corporate daubings) in an increasingly depressing and desperate search for a bit of good, old fashioned journalism. […]

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