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Your Country Your Call: FOI reveals a System of the World

The key document released to Rossa McMahon following his FOI appeal to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation was An Smaoineamh Mór's proposal document for the Your Country Your Call competition. It is valuable because it exposes more than just this particular set of proposals. It reveals the relationship between Fianna Fáil's public, elected, face and its much larger invisible manifestation.

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Your Country, Your Call: Request for SIPO investigation

This request for investigation, with accompanying documentation, will arrive with the Standards in Public Office Commission tomorrow or the next day. RequestAn Smaoineamh Mór Limited is a company having its registered office at Arthur Cox Building, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2 (Company Record Number 478844). It was registered on the 16th December 2009 with the CRO.

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Your Country Your Call: Is it Bigger than a Breadbox?

In the unlikely event that I wanted to run a national competition offering a cash prize of mysterious origin in exchange for total ownership of an idea of such staggering- almost mystical- potency that it could restore a nation of modern-day serfs to spectacular success, I think I'd have to go into it without a preconception of what that idea would look like.

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