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Your Country, Your Call: The SIPO Question

Last month I wrote an article for the Irish Times asking some questions regarding the Your Country Your Call competition. As a result, members of the competition 'Steering Group', including Professor Von Prondzynski, the President of DCU, have elaborated on their previous positions both on those pages and in radio interviews. Some questions have been answered.

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Your Country Your Call: Is it Bigger than a Breadbox?

In the unlikely event that I wanted to run a national competition offering a cash prize of mysterious origin in exchange for total ownership of an idea of such staggering- almost mystical- potency that it could restore a nation of modern-day serfs to spectacular success, I think I'd have to go into it without a preconception of what that idea would look like.

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Your Country, Your Call: A Tuppenceworth Perfect Storm

Your Country, Your Call launched a week ago. Its self description "a competition to ignite your imagination and reward your thinking" might have you scratching your head. Didn't we already go though exactly this already? The Ideas Campaign was an almost identical effort run by PR firm AMAS's Managing Director Aileen O'Toole in March of 2009.

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To Breda O’Brien: A Comment

Today's Irish Times featured a column by Breda O'Brien headed "Internet Attacks on Church belie need for open secularity online". As I was recently involved in an Internet campaign to have the Papal Nuncio expelled, during which I debated Ms O'Brien, the topic caught my attention. My response to her column, which exceeds the 3000 character limit set by the Irish Times for comments, follows.

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Help expel the Papal Nunico- Email Minister Martin

The following is the text of a message I sent to the 4,205 members of the Expel the Papal Nuncio Facebook Group. I'm posting it here so that Non-Facebookers can also read it and, hopefully, take the moment to click the link and send their message to the Minister for Foreign Affairs. I'll write more about the experience of this campaign when the dust has settled.

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