Private phone messaging apps compared

Recently, for reasons, I had occasion to examine the current state of the market for encrypted messaging apps on phones. Tested: Wickr, BBM, Threema, Confide, Cyber Dust, Cyphr, Telegram. Thoughts to follow:(Notes:-All of these apps start off wanting access to your contacts.

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Thoughts on Ireland’s new Surveillance Order

Some tiny Saturday thoughts on today's Page 1 scoop by Karlin Lillington re the state's creation of a new statutory framework for secret Ministerial surveillance orders and, quite seriously, for FISA-style secret court hearings. 1) The Minister has activated a law that has been overtaken by events. 2) The Department of Justice has claimed the SI was signed to comply with EU treaty obligations.

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Water and Power

CC by Airwolfhound

Two kinds of protest floating in my head tonight. The first, the Irish Water protests. The second, the complaints about the fluoridation of drinking water.

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Apple Watch, HealthKit & the meaning of normal

A tiny thought about the Apple Watch and HealthKit. Long term, the flood of additional data on the general population's state of health and range of daily behaviour will be of benefit. The problem is going to come with gauging exactly when we've reached that 'long term'.

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Sentimental Values

Ireland is a sentimental society. We want all our fights to end with a hug. This is so even - especially - when the dispute is unresolved.

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