New Comscore figures show losing 18% of desktop readers

Irish Newspaper site visitor stats

New figures on the performance on newspaper websites in the Irish market show that the Irish Independent group's sites are the most popular with readers. The figures also suggest that the newly redesigned Irish Times website has not been embraced by readers, recording a 18% year on year fall against a background of an increasing total available audience.

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Folklore as Childcare Policy

One of the oldest and most pernicious myths about the Jewish people is that known as the Blood Libel. This is the belief, dated by some scholars back to the the 5th Century, that Jews were in the habit of kidnapping Christian children. The most common version alleged that the children were killed and their blood was used to thicken matzo balls for the passover meal.

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Why JobBridge promotes unemployment

The JobBridge scheme has now been extended so that employers may have access to state-subsidised labour for up to 18 months. This extension makes plain what was only previously suggested- that the scheme is part of a wider, deliberate, effort to depress the economy. Internal Devaluation is the primary (possibly only) financial policy guiding the Irish State's actions.

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VoteTube Archive: Copyright on Oireachtas Footage

Dail 2000

At the end of his scholarly piece on whether the Rules of the Houses of the Oireachtas applied to non-members, Fergal correctly pointed out that while the House rules trying to control how Oireachtas video was used might lack teeth, they did not deal with the question of copyright. The portion of the Copyright Act of 2000 which deals with copyright on proceedings in the Oireachtas is Section 7171.

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Fol Da Rol

I do not use my writing here as confessional. I do not demand you buy things. I do not write because I insist you agree with my viewpoints.

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Coillte: Trees and stuff

That's odd, I thought to myself. Why would Coillte be paying money for ads on the front page of the Irish Times website? Don't they just plant trees, wait a decade, and then chop them down?Shows how much I know. OK, Coillte.

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