SOPA Ireland: Irish State is dancing to record labels’ tune

State enters Appearance on 17th January 2012, originally uploaded by Editor_Tupp. One of the more perplexing questions arising from Sean Sherlock's efforts to ram a law he, by now, knows to be bad into force is why he hasn't just taken the time to get things right. The screen shot above gives the answer.

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Noises Off

Contrary to appearances, I have been plugging away at a couple of different things this month. Primarily, I have been involved in the campaign to stop the government bringing in a Statutory Instrument which would allow copyright holders (ie record labels) to block access to bits of the internet to Irish users. See the Campaign site http://www.

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National Digital Research Centre: Making Investments or “Investments”?

It's taken me a while, but I wanted to give my thoughts on the NDRC's response to my previous post regarding the level of Return on Investment the state seemed to be getting on its investments with public money made though the agency. I'll quote most of the NDRC's response and then reply to each bit. Like one of those ancient Greek discussions but without all the wine.

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2011: The Year in Mischief

Ireland is a staggeringly conservative and conformist society. Conventional wisdom riddles every conversation be it private or broadcast, in print or in the home. Consequently, the impulse to cause mischief should be welcomed as a healthy corrective to stagnation and the denial of reality.

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Take back your life and own your own words

Here’s a New Year’s resolution suggestion for you. By all means keep using facebook, twitter and google+ to chat with people, meet new ones and keep up with old friends. But for goodness sake, when you have something real to say- something that needs more than 140 characters- don’t stick it on a site owned by someone else.

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