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Thoughts on Ireland’s new Surveillance Order

Some tiny Saturday thoughts on today’s Page 1 scoop by Karlin Lillington re the state’s creation of a new statutory framework for secret Ministerial surveillance orders and, quite seriously, for FISA-style secret court hearings. 1) The Minister has activated a … Continue reading

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Have Uber delete their records of you using Data Protection law

Send Uber a message that requires them, under Data Protection law to delete your data, when you delete their app.

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Water and Power

Self-organised, decentralised political movements were once the stuff of science fiction and political theory. Now, the phones in people’s pockets give everyone the chance to voice, bear witness, organise and persuade.

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Apple Watch, HealthKit & the meaning of normal

The coming smartwatch data flood is going to pose a challenge for doctors to assess.

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The BAI, Mooney and the struggle to control the Internet

A few weeks ago the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland issued a decision in response to a complaint by Mr. Dónal O’Sullivan-Latchford on behalf of the Family and Media Association. He had complained about an episode of the Mooney Show on … Continue reading

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The Campaign Jitters podcast series

A series of short (max 5 mins) daily audio essays, which I made during the 2011 General Election campaign.

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The Tuam Babies and the Irish Times’ ‘new info’

Accuracy and facts matter and had been ignored. We had new info and majored on that. We ran accompanying analysis of main issue – Conor Goodman (@conorgoodman), Irish Times Features Editor, June 28, 2014 Here is all the previously … Continue reading

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Sentimental Values

Ireland is a sentimental society. We want all our fights to end with a hug. This is so even – especially – when the dispute is unresolved. Fudge it, say that both sides want the same thing but simply disagree … Continue reading

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Why do Irish Journalism outlets not want to secure their sources?

Imagine you know something. It’s something explosive, something the public ought urgently to know. Let’s say the state is being undermined from within- either by regular ole corruption, or by infiltration by a hostile external group. Now, imagine you hold … Continue reading

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David Quinn, Shirley Temple, and The Milkman’s Cheery Whistle

It cannot be easy to be an opinion columnist. No, that’s not quite true. Being an opinion columnist is incredibly easy, especially when compared to jobs such as firefighter, coalminer or deep-sea fisherman. What is difficult though, so difficult that … Continue reading

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